1 :  Select the size – 20×20 or 17×17 cm – and shape – square or hexagonal – first.


01 forma és méret

2 :  Than choose the pattern you want to play with. We grouped the patterns in size 20×20 into oriental, classic, border, floral, geometric and contemporary.

02 minta

3 :  If you have selected the pattern, you can start the fun part, the colouring. Select the colours from the palette on the left side, than fill the appropriate part of the pattern. The simmetrical or related parts are linked and will be coloured at once. You can check the colour codes on the bottom of the middle panel.

We spent days with fine tuning the colours visible, but keep in mind that screen settings may modify visible colours.

03 szín

4 : Once finished with the colouring, you may see the “big picture” by clicking on “FILLING THE FIELD” button.


04 kitölt

5 :  If you have selected a 1/4 pattern (f.e. Yamia, Maroc, Meknes, etc.) , click on “ROSETTE” to see how it looks.
05 rozetta

6:  If you want to see a pattern as carpet, with bordur and corner tiles, select from the bordur group the field, bordure and corner tiles, rotate them to the desired position by using the “ROTATE” buttons and fill the appropriate cells of the field.


05 szegély

7: The first tile in each group is a solid colour tile. You may use this to see how it would look as a bordure with your selected and coloured field tile.


05 szegély2

7 :  You can delete tiles from the field by clicking on the “DELETE” button.


06 törlés

By clicking on NEW you can clear the whole field and may start a new project.

07 új terv

8 :  your previous tiles are saved in the bottom bar, and you may return to them anytime you want.


08 vissza


9 : You may save your projects by clicking on “SAVE PROJECT” upper menubar, by clicking on “ORDER” you can send your order straight away  


09 mentés