Cement tiles are crafted since the mid 1800’s , and the technique is still the same. They are completly  hand-made, polut free and naturally dried, without being fired in a kiln, resulting  an enviromently friendly production method. They go by different names, as encaustic tiles, hydraulic tiles,  terazzo, mosaic tiles, baldosa hidraulicas, carreaux de ciment, in the US they are even refferd also as cuban tiles, being popular in the Caribbean and Central America.




Cement tiles been produced in the Austrian-Hungarian Empire as well, many big factories operated on the market, the most well known was the Walla József factory. Being hand-made products, they have became expensive during the 30s and less and less tiles been produced. During the communist era only low quality plain colours been produced , and the last factory in southern Hungary went out of bussiness altogether in the early 80s.



The good news is that cement tiles are coming back more and more recently, pleasing the eyes of everyne who look at them.