We are more than happy to do special projects, and considering that the manufacturing techniques of the cement tile are  very flexible, we do belive that cement tile is just the right kind of  pavement if something special and one-of-a-kind tile is needed.

We can combine 80 colours with 40 patterns, so the number of possibilieties are practically infinite . Requested minimums are relatievly low, we may do special colour combinations for orders as low as 15-20 sqm. Colours can be choosen to match the colour of the wall, or even an object. We may re-make old pattersand designs if needed, wich can come handy if replacement of old tiles are needed.  Our tile are tested by ÉMI / TÜV and are suitable for  …. We also keep a large stock, wich can be practical if time is an issue and the deadline is not in the far distance.

For special designer and architect offer and rates please contact us directly.