In compliance with the hungarian and EU law, Marrakesh B.T. gives a  12 month warranty on its products. Please see our terms of sales for details


 pdf-icon-xs   TERMS OF SALES

Cement tiles are handmade pavements  and therefore unique and authentic products. The production is based on traditional techniques, carried out without heated kiln, and using similar ingredients as 100 years before. The coulours are mixed with our expert team, and all phases of production are hand made.  Therefore slight deviations and inaccuracies in colour or the pattern are regarded as the very nature of these products and should be accepted as absouletly normal.

All orders, either delivered by external courier and shipping companies, or by us, must be checked for inaccuracy (article name/number, quantity of boxes) and reported to us within 24 hours.  Orders picked up by youself  at  our warehouse in Törökbalint  must be checked prior transport as well: take your time, and ask for help if needed.

We can not accept claims regarding breakage,  colour fastness, etc  after 30 day recieving the order. During this 30 days you have to check the cargo throughouly, even if the laying will be later.

If you bought too much or miscalculated something, you may return 2 unopened boxes of tiles per order  within 14 days.