Shipping  and delivery

There are three ways to obtain your order

1., Pick-up

You may come and pick it up by yourself.

When organizing your own transport you must keep in mind the weight of the product. One m2 is 35 kg, and suitable transport should be arranged accordingly. In our experience normal  cars can take maximum 12-15 m2  / 400-500 kg  payload. The tiles must be transported in their  original boxes, with the sealed opening on the top, ensuring that the tiles are in a vertical position inside the boxes.

Please inform us on the exact date before you come so that we can prepare your order accordingly (packed tightly on a pallet if you have a truck, or loose boxes if you have a small car) and that you do not have to wait. Also make sure prior coming that your balance payment has been recieved by us already and check out our business hours as well.

2., Delivery & Shipping

If you request, we can deliver your order , pls ask for a quote.

We can dispach your order with an international  transport and shipping company of your choice, for their standard rates.  We may  ask  a quattation for you if requested.  They can normally arrange deliveries on a requested day, but make sure that someone is at home to take over the goods. Transporters deliver to front door as well.

Here are some typical destinations and approximate rates quoted by Seahorse Ltd recently:

Destination                                                       1 full palette (30 m2)                                      2 full palettes (60 m2)

Prague  / Czech Rep.                                      185 EUR                                                              245 EUR

Munich  / Germany                                          205 EUR                                                              285 EUR

Salzburg  / Austria                                           295 EUR                                                              365 EUR


These rates are just indicational, and should not be considered as an offer. Upon your request we can ask an updated quote..