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Hagyományos technológia szerint,  teljes mértékben kézzel készült, a felső 3-4 mm rétegében anyagában színezett, klasszikus cementlap.

29,498 Ft/m2


  • Do you have stock? How long does it takes to produce my order?

    If you see that your selected tile is in stock, you may pick it up from our Törökbalint warehouse near Budapest during business hours ( M – F , 9.00 – 17.00), or we can arrange trasnport anywhere in Europe.

    If a tile is currently unavailable, production and transport would take 10 – 12 weeks. Please note that our tiles are manufactured in Vietnam.

  • How to buy

    Our website is not an online shop, you can not put the product into a basket.

    Here’s how you can order and buy:

    1., hit the orange „Get a Quote”, and after telling us the quantity you need and giving us  your contact details we will send you our quote shortly.

    2., or Email directly to info@marrakesh.hu

    3., or just give us a call on +36 20 9 734 344 and tell us what you need.

    4., and  of course you are most welcome to visit our showroom in Bródy Sándor steet, downtown Budapest.

    You can see the relevant and updated stock availablity info above. If the item you need is neither available from stock, nor coming with one of shippments, expect 10-12 week delivery time.

    All orders are valid with a 50% downpayment. We strongy recommend to add 10% to cover cutting waste.

  • Shipping

    Prices on the website incl. VAT but excl. shipping cost.

    The minimum quantity we ship is 10 m2  per orderIt can be mixed from different items from stock (1 box / item).

    If the quantity required is less than 10 m2, +50 EUR handling charge will apply.

    Shipping costs to be expected*:

      • 10 – 15 m2  / 350 – 530 kg                   220 EUR / order + 20 EUR packing&handling fee
      • 16 – 20 m2  / 550 – 700 kg                   260 EUR / order + 20 EUR packing&handling fee
      • 21 – 30 m2  / 720 – 1050 kg                 280 EUR / order + 20 EUR packing&handling fee
      • above 30 m2    –    contact us for special rates


    * These shipping costs apply to most european destinations, but still considered to be indications only. Actual transport costs may vary depending on the location (restricted weight limit zones in downtown areas, ferry costs to islands, etc).  All transport prices incl. VAT.

    Please note:

    • Delivery  will be carried out on the nearest possible parking place / kerbside on the street. The truckdriver will not pack and load, so the transportation from the delivery truck to the appartement or house is not included in the price and has to be arranged by you.
    • Trucks with lifts on the back can be arranged for an extra cost.
    • Our warehouse is located 12 km near Budapest, and we ship all orders from here to all over Europe.
    • All orders are shipped on standard EUR palettes, banded and wrapped for safety and protection. We do not ship loose boxes.
    • We do ship to the UK but do not ship outside of Europe, sorry.

    • After purchasing, we will store the tiles till pick-up or delivery in our warehouse near Budapest for up to one month, free of charge.
  • Can I order my tiles in custom colours?


    Any of our 200 designs can be made in any colour combinations of our 54 colours palette. You can create your own by using our simulator programme.



  • Where can I put cement tiles?

    You can put cement tiles everywhere you would normally put ceramic or any other tiles:

    kitchenfloor and wall splashback YES

    bathroom floor, spalshback and showerpan YES

    toilet YES

    landing area YES

    outdoor use: contact us for details

    When planning, please consider the 1.5 cm thickness of the tiles.

    The tiles work well with floor underheating as well.

  • Cleaning

    Cement tiles are porous, and everything that is acidic can stain them and should be removed  quickly: coke, redwine, orange juice, coffee and the like.

    For cleaning, use only pH neutral  acid-free detergent. Never use acidic products  (like lime scale removers) on cement tiles

  • Installation and laying

    Laying the cement tiles  is not a complicated task, but certain rules has to be followed. Proper installation is key. Make sure you contract a licensed tiler with experience. Tiles should be laid on a dry, levelled surface, using standard adhesive. Leave 2 mm for grout, and use a light grey colour grout. Use a a water colled tilesaw with diamend edged disk.

    IMPORTANT: one thing is very important though: only dry and clean surface can be sealed


More information about our tiles on the Info & Help page.

tenerife 0401
Price incl. VAT
29,498 Ft/m2
Weight (1 tile)
1.35 kg
20 × 20 cm
1.5 cm
sold in boxes
Price per box (incl. VAT)
15,339 Ft/box
tiles in a box
13 tiles / box
m2 / box
0.52 m2/box
Product categories
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tenerife 0401

29,498 Ft/m2


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