Cement tiles

Traditional, handmade cement tiles. 200+ dsigns, 54 basic colours. Choose the one you like, or design your own tile with our simulator!


Terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo tiles , with or without patterns. Highly customizable


Hexagonal tiles

Think outside the square - check out or hexagonal cement tiles


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Műemléki lapok rekonstrukciója

Sokéves tapasztalatunk régi lapok újragyártásában.

Visit our showroom

We are based downtown Budapest in the Palace quartier. Pop in for a coffee, browse our collection, get some advice if needed -wehave many years of expertise in the field.

Showroom and business hours

Need it yesterday?

Your contractor is around the corner, and you still have no cement tiles? Thankfully, we always keep a large stock available for immediate pick-up in our törökbalint warehouse, 10 km from downtown Budapest.

In stock tiles

This is how it is made

Wanna take a peek behind the scenes? Click here

You want something noone else has?

If you have the drive and inspiration to create something unique, you can design your very own cement tile with our simulator programme – and we make it for You.

Cement tile designer

We live a colourful life …

See our 54 colours and match it woith your favorite design!

Colour palette

… and are good in shape

Fishscale, diamond, hexagonal, parquette, arabesque : the cement tile not only square.


You have an idea to be realized?

We have done numerous projects with designers and architects, sure we can assist you make dreams come true.

Let’s talk

Does it stand the test of time? And how resistant cement tiles are?

Yes. And very. Cement tiles can be found all over Budapest, and Hungary, and all over Europe in 100-150 years old buildings, still in good shape - you need to pay attention to sealing though.

Looking for ideas how to decorate you kitchen wall?

Came to the right place 🙂 We recommend more detailed, busier designs for the usually 60 cm stripe, but there are other solutions as well.


Remodelling your bathroom?

Check out our reference gallery, and see how other’s have done it.


Planning to open a restaurant?

You can add a lot of character and authenticity to any commercial place using handmade tiles

Restaurants and coffees

Your balcony could use a little LTC?

Cement- and terrazzo tiles are suitable for outdoor use as well, but contact us first.

Corridors and outdoor

Oooh, terrazzooo

Big pebble, small pebble, granit, glass and seashell - the terrazzo can be anything but dull

Terrazzo has many faces.

You can change the base colour, the  stone chip size, the ingredients – in terms of variations, the sky is the only limit.

Terrazzo tiles